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Take the Confusion Out of Leadership

We are a diverse group of leadership experts...
...former senior business executives, former CEOs and entrepreneurs, executive coaches, senior HR executives, senior military officers, and psychologists.

These leadership "gurus" bring you...
...a solid grasp of our transformational Leadership Framework, and
...the skills and resources to help you apply it.

LDI was founded in the mid-1990s by Antony Bell and a group of partners. Since then it has made a significant contribution to the success of numerous organizations - both nationally and internationally.

A Framework For Leadership


Skills To Apply The Framework

Our Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Leader Development Inc., Antony is a sought-after speaker on leadership. He is author of the highly acclaimed book, Great Leadership - What It Is and What It Takes in a Complex World. He is also the creator of the LDI Leadership Framework™ - the most comprehensive framework for understanding the complex and seemingly conflicting concepts of leadership.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“When I first encountered Antony’s framework for leadership development in his book Great Leadership, I immediately recognized it as capturing the concepts and components of virtually all existing models. The ability for the framework to serve both individual and organizational goals is, I believe, a unique quality.”Ms. Susan B. Nolan, Former Director of the Treasury Executive Institute
“Antony Bell has distilled all the voices I’ve been reading for the past twenty years — and I’ve read a lot of them — and he’s put them together into a coherent framework so that now I see where they all fit — and which ones I need to pay attention to.

He’s not just another voice on leadership – he’s a synthesizing voice on leadership.”Jess MacCallum, President, Professional Printers, Inc.

“Antony’s work is stellar – he is a premier thought leader, executive coach, author, consultant, and entrepreneur. He has received the highest of accolades from our executive customers for his pragmatic, cutting-edge methods and knowledge about developing leadership excellence.

Among the vast field of self-proclaimed leadership experts, Antony Bell is truly one of the proven, premier leadership experts!”Dr. Gina Myers, US Department of the Treasury