About LDI

Our goal is transformation—the transformation of your career and the transformation of your organization

We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to leadership development—so why choose us? 

We’re not offering a narrow, focused solution around a particular aspect of leadership.  Instead, we show you how all the different aspects and elements of leadership fit together—and most important, we help you know which elements will help you—and which ones won’t! 

We bring clarity.  We help you identify what you need, and help you apply it.  We eliminate confusion. And that’s transformational.  It’s also unique.

How do we do this?

  • Through the Total Leadership Framework™: it encompasses and explains all the different models and elements of leadership, and most importantly, helps you know which ones don’t apply to your situation—and which ones do.
  • Warning:  The Total Leadership Framework™ is habit-forming!  But that’s what you want—through the Total Leadership Framework, you will learn the habits of great leadership.

Who are we?

  • We are a group of men and women with proven records, certified as LDI coaches and consultants. We come from multiple backgrounds—executive leaders, entrepreneurs, HR/Talent professionals, psychologists, and executive coaches.
  • We know how to guide you in the habits of great leadership for your success.

A message from the founder
—Antony Bell

Antony Bell - Leader Development, Inc.People ask how LDI got started. Here’s the story.

When I hit mid-career, I found myself teaching strategic planning and change leadership to all kinds of businesses, with all kinds of leaders. Fresh from a move from Europe to America, what struck me most was all the confusion around leadership. This was a time of immense change, and the voices offering leadership solutions were like an unconducted orchestra … I was constantly dealing with leaders overwhelmed and inundated with competing solutions.

From that point on, my quest became to find a way to help them out of their confusion … and that was the genesis of the Total Leadership Framework™. Since its birth, it has helped countless leaders (I really have lost count of how many who have embraced it) to figure out exactly what kind of leadership they need for the challenges they face and how to harness the right resources to meet them.  LDI, our company, became the vehicle to deliver the Total Leadership Framework and to develop the coaches and facilitators to teach it.

For those who are curious, what happened before my move from Europe was an upbringing mostly in France and the UK, a boarding school in England, University in the UK, Graduate studies at Strasbourg’s Institute of Higher European studies, a spell as production manager for a UK textile manufacturer, a sales director for a Swiss startup, and the director of the French division of a Dutch brokerage business. Along the way, I was given the gift of an amazing wife (American) and two remarkable children.

And what has happened since … well, some books I’ve authored, some terrific colleagues and clients, plenty of speaking … it’s actually the story of LDI, and I’d love you to join in on it. We’ll help you write the right script for your own leadership adventure and the story of your impact as you help future leaders in your sphere of influence. 

Come and join us!