John Wooden: Coach and Philosepher

John Wooden is considered one of the most outstanding basketball coaches in the history of the game. His success, however, came not from the techniques he practiced as a coach, but from the philosophy of leadership that he developed over time. It took him fourteen years to shape and define it, but once he was satisfied with it – he … Read More

Who Really Owns Leadership Development In Your Organization

Great leadership is in large measure knowing what to delegate and what not to delegate. There is much you should delegate. There a few things you should not delegate. Where does leadership development fall? In a healthy organization, who is responsible for developing leaders? It’s not HR. It’s not the training department if you have one. It’s your leaders – … Read More

Your People Are Not Your Greatest Asset

How do you get a 33-fold growth rate in less than 20 years? By focusing on your greatest asset. So what is your greatest asset? “Our people,” many organizations claim. Even if they really mean it (many don’t), it still isn’t true. It’s not your people. It’s your leaders. If you take care of the leaders in your organization, you … Read More

Seven Axioms To Build A Framework For Great Leadership

Life is built on axioms – statements that we believe to be self-evidently true, “established principles,” as the Oxford Dictionary puts it. Just as life is built on axioms, so is leadership. Here are mine for great leadership: People are not an organization’s greatest asset. Its leaders are. If you invest in your leaders, you’ll take care of every other … Read More

Intuition & Experience – Misleading Tools For Great Leaders

When you make a decision, what do you rely on to make it? When you evaluate someone else’s decision, what do you rely on to evaluate it? Those questions may seem far removed from great leadership, but they aren’t… they actually couldn’t be more relevant. You and I typically rely on two things to make or evaluate a decision: intuition … Read More