The Two Keys to a COO’s Knock-Out Success

The 2 Keys To A COO's Knock-Out Success

A Chief Operation Officer’s effectiveness is 100 percent related to their ability to lead. Success means … Solving complex problems, implementing solutions, and driving change — no matter how big the obstacles Building good communication and collaboration across the organization Gaining the support of other leaders like the CEO and CFO, and harnessing their ability to drive change within the … Read More

Leadership Lessons From 2 Musical Maestros

What can two musicians teach us about leadership… even from the grave? Within a week of each other, two great musicians died. As musicians, they couldn’t have been more different: one, a lyricist with a banjo who wrote songs that swayed his generation with lyrics and melodies so simple and compelling that successive generations embraced them … and the other, … Read More

Essential Leadership Trait Character

Character is an essential leadership trait. What is the cost to leadership when character is absent? Six Leaders Who Lacked Character In fact, there isn’t a single character who has, well, character… no one has a moral framework that guides their choices. Character in leadership is under siege. Governor Mike Morris (played by George Clooney), Governor of Pennsylvania and Democratic … Read More

Eight Reasons Leaders Need A Framework

I have sometimes been told that in an age of sound bites and short attention spans, it’s hard to get leaders to think. That’s not been my experience, but here is the key: when leaders are given a framework to think about leadership, they think well and deeply—and very practically. Henri Bergson put it well and succinctly: “Think like a … Read More

Who Really Owns Leadership Development In Your Organization

Great leadership is in large measure knowing what to delegate and what not to delegate. There is much you should delegate. There a few things you should not delegate. Where does leadership development fall? In a healthy organization, who is responsible for developing leaders? It’s not HR. It’s not the training department if you have one. It’s your leaders – … Read More