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LDI is a 30 year-old company founded by Antony Bell. Today, the company works with clients in all sectors across the US and Europe. The team is comprised of an experienced group that consists of former senior business executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs, senior HR executives, and psychologists.

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Antony Bell - Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Leader Development Inc., Antony is a sought-after executive coach, trainer, and speaker on leadership. He is author of the highly acclaimed book, Great Leadership – What It Is and What It Takes in a Complex World. He is also the creator of the LDI Leadership Framework™ – the most comprehensive framework for understanding the complex and seemingly conflicting concepts of leadership.

Leader Development, Inc.

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What if you could stop the talent drain?

Do you feel you have a revolving door of employees? Equipping managers to engage and communicate has a huge impact on reducing turnover.  With the LDI Leadership Framework, they’ll know how to do just that.

What if your teams were aligned to achieve amazing results?

Our holistic approach through the Leadership Framework empowers your leaders to fully engage and develop their team member at levels that can be measured in reduced turnover and improved business outcomes.

What if your culture was a competitive edge?

When you combine our LDI Assessments and professional coaching with our unique Leadership Framework, you have everything you need to identify and address engagement issues that harm your culture.  People can copy your strategy, but not your culture. Get your culture right and say goodbye to high turnover, low productivity, and poor performance.

Is YOUR CULTURE important?

According to HR.com, organizations know culture is important but don’t know how to influence it:
  • 80% of HR professionals view culture as very important or important.
  • Only 33% think their organization manages culture successfully or very successfully.
  • Only 44% have a formal description or definition of what their culture should be.
  • Nearly four-fifths (78%) think different departments have different cultures.
  • Just half of HR professionals can describe the culture of other teams and departments well.
  • Just one-quarter of participants measure overall corporate culture, about one-fifth measure the culture of specific teams, and just 15% measure the differences between the overall and team culture.
  • When organizations do measure culture, most rely on climate surveys (68%). Fewer monitor key metrics related to turnover (43%), employee assistance program (EAP) usage (6%) and hotline activity (3%).

Why does employee learning often fail?

Mainly because people don’t use the new skills they learned… and they’re soon forgotten. Our workshops, coaching, and expert consulting services enhance your use of the LDI Framework – so you can apply your learning right away… and develop the habits that make for great leadership. Make learning stick.

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