LDI Leadership Framework™

The LDI Leadership Framework™ is based on two fundamental concepts: character and competence.

Great leaders need both character and competence. These two fundamentals cover everything that has been written or taught about leadership.

LDI Leadership Framework™ captures the critical elements of CHARACTER in leadership with the Pyramid of Personal Qualities™ - and we help you understand how to apply these qualities.

LDI Leadership Framework™ captures the three critical dimensions of COMPETENCE in leadership with the LDI Leadership Cube™ - which shows you what these three dimensions look like in your particular role.

All this is supported by extensive tools, instruments, and resources.

Not surprisingly, LDI has developed a strong reputation as a thought leader in leadership development and organizational change.

What's In It For You?

By bringing you clarity, we bring you hope, and we build your confidence in your leadership.

There are no shortcuts to great leadership, but this is the shortest path.

So join the many organizations of all kinds that have adopted this Framework for great leadership - and the many individuals whose careers have been transformed by it!