One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Antony Bell | Total Leadership Framework |

There’s a mistaken assumption in coaching: the coachee has the answers, and the answers just need to be coaxed (or
coached) out of them.

When it comes to leadership coaching, the reality is that few leaders do have the answers within them, and no amount of coaching will extract answers that aren’t there. What they need is someone who really understands leadership and can help them exercise appropriate leadership strategies to address the challenges they face.

Coaching is only as good as the coach. And the coach is only as good as the framework they use.

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Our coaches are not just skilled in guiding a process of discovery, asking good questions, and building a relationship of trust and collaboration. They also understand leadership, and they know how to help you apply the appropriate leadership strategies to the challenges you face.

With an LDI coach trained in the Total Leadership Framework™, you will be on a journey with someone who knows the terrain… a powerful way to accelerate your impact. Especially in these uncertain times.