Customized Programs For Your Organization

Customized Programs

Your Next Steps:

  • Review the four delivery options below.
  • Contact us to discuss how we can tailor to your needs.
  • Identify the people you want to focus on.
  • Set the dates to launch the transformation.

Delivery Options

Three Components—Four Delivery Options
Option 1
per person
Option 2
per person

A. Ten-week live virtual course

Ten weekly sessions

90-120 minutes each

B. Key selected assessment instruments

For each participant with an individual debrief
on each instrument

C. Onsite/offsite live sessions

With a focus on experiential learning through
targeted leadership exercises

Option 1: the 10-Week Live Virtual Workshop

Your participants will:

Option 2: the 10-Week Live Virtual Workshop with assessment instruments for each participant

Option 3: the 10-Week Virtual Workshop with onsite/offsite live sessions

Option 4: the 10-Week Virtual Workshop with assessments and onsite/offsite live sessions