Live Virtual TLF Course

Course Details

  • 90 minutes a week for eight weeks
  • Thursdays 11:00-12:30 EST
  • Content focused on the transformational Total Leadership Framework™
  • Cohort interaction and learning
  • Downloadable Resource Guide and other resources
  • Certificate of Completion at the end of the course
  • $897 per person
  • Contact us for a Group Discount if over 10 attendees
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Number of Attendees (max. 10)

How will this transform your career?

  • You will learn a new way of looking at leadership through the Total Leadership Framework™ (the TLF).
  • You will know what kind of leadership you need to exercise now in your current role.
  • You will know which leadership books will really help you in your growth—and which ones won’t.
  • You will understand how leadership changes with every promotion—and how to adjust to each new level.
  • You will avoid the derailment that comes from exercising the wrong kind of leadership.
  • You will know how to develop other leaders and broaden your impact.
  • The TLF will serve you for life as you build a career of significant contribution.
Great careers are built on great leadership.


How will this transform your organization?

  • Your leaders at every level of the organization will know what kind of leadership to exercise.
  • Your culture will become what you want it to become—because changing a culture is a function of leadership.
  • You will have a common language for leadership and a common understanding of what great leadership looks like.
  • Your leaders will have the curriculum and resources to develop the leaders reporting to them.
Great organizations are built by great leaders.


Who is this for?

  • Seasoned leaders who want to reboot their career or gain a new perspective on their leadership challenges
  • CEOs and senior leaders who want to raise the quality of leadership throughout their organization
  • HR/Talent/L&D professionals tasked with bringing in leadership development into the organization
  • First-time leaders who want to lay the right foundation for a lifetime of effective contribution

Why choose the Total Leadership Framework™?

  • There’s nothing like it out there!
  • The TLF dispels all the confusion around leadership and gives you a clear path for your own growth as a leader and the blueprint for growth and transformation in your organization
  • In addition to this complete, thorough, and practical Leadership Framework, we provide you with multiple options to assimilate it. And you can access it whatever your budget.
  • We also provide application-focused coaching, assessment instruments, supporting resources, and a highly qualified team of LDI coaches and facilitators.