Total Leadership Framework



The Total Leadership FrameworkTM (TLF) is designed for all leaders of an organization. TLF is built around 9 factors vital to the success of managers:

  1. Creating & Clarifying Direction
  2. Alignment
  3. Selling the Direction
  4. Planning
  5. Organizing
  6. Measuring
  7. Selecting
  8. Explaining
  9. Motivating & Developing
What Do Participants Learn?

After attending this program, participants will be able to:

  • Bridge the gap between senior management & the front line
  • Lead across organizational and geographical boundaries
  • Learn how to align your teams, departments, and organization
  • Problem-solve and take correct, active measures to change conditions
  • Manage stress and build resiliency
  • Build a network of supportive leaders to continue development
Who Should Attend?

An existing or soon-to-be assigned leader who will have at least one direct report.

What Are The Challenges Addressed?

LDI understands the challenges facing today’s leaders, and we see the following areas are crucial for them:

  • Selecting – Getting the right people in the right place
  • Developing – Actively involved in developing those who report to them (not micromanaging)
  • Alignment – Getting the top & the bottom of the hierarchy to work together
  • Communication – Collaborating across the organization
  • Critical Thinking – Ability to handle uncertainty and solve complex problems
  • Courage – Ability to speak truth in all situations

As leaders balance demanding jobs and their roles outside of work, understanding one’s own leadership style as well as clarity around development goals is imperative for success.

Why Choose the Total Leadership Framework for you and your organization?
  • In-depth training and development
  • Personalized to the learner and organization with on-going action plan
  • Expert feedback and coaching, coupled with assessments
  • 20 years of development and expertise to lean on
  • Positive changes in behavior related to negotiation, influence, communication & greater self-awareness.

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