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Gallup found that companies with strong learning cultures were consistently market leaders. All organizations want to be market leaders. In times of low unemployment and a growing economy, many businesses are facing significant strategic challenges. The biggest two are:

Talent retention
Hiring The Right Talent

Your leaders must be able to engage their team members and align them, based on their talents and skills, to be effective personally and effective driving company value. All managers and executives must be able to implement new strategies together (alignment) and drive in how your organization operates and adapts in an ever-changing environment (change).

60% of your frontline leaders aren’t trained

Studies reveal approximately 60% of front line managers never receive training for their first leadership role. In that same study, first-level managers represented 40% of their leaders. If you are like most companies, this means the majority of your employees work for un-trained, inexperienced leaders. Companies have traditionally been forced to compromise between quality, cost, and flexibility when considering leadership development solutions.

Are you preparing new managers for success?
Are you monitoring the turnover in departments?
Are your exit interview questions revealing the real symptoms of turnover?

HIRE Better. RETAIN Better.

Do you feel like you have a revolving door of employees? When hiring, are you shooting in the dark? Equipping managers to engage and communicate can have a big impact on reducing turnover.

When organizations do measure culture

Rely On Climate Surveys


Rely On Monitoring Key Metrics Related To Turnover

Inspire your teams to thrive and align... and achieve extraordinary results.

What if your teams were thoroughly aligned to achieve amazing results? Through an unmatched
combination of impactful people and organizational solutions, we can help your organization articulate a clear vision and activate a strategy of continuous dialogue.

Are you being intentional protecting your culture?

With LDI Coaching, it can be. Our top engagement drivers pertain to your company and your people. Get culture right and say goodbye to high turnover, low productivity, and poor performance. When you combine our LDI Assessments and professional coaching, you have everything you need to identify and address engagement issues that harm your culture.

Learning with application

Why does employee training fail? One reason is people don’t use the new skills they learned – and they’re soon forgotten. Our workshops, coaching, and expert consulting services enhance your use of LDI Framework – so you can apply your learning right away.

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