Team Development

Great teamwork transforms your business... and great leaders create great teams.

  • Apply the LDI Leadership Framework™ through high-performing teams
  • Strengthen leadership through strong teams
  • Multiply great teams within your organization
  • Build widespread collaboration, not competition
  • Motivate your whole organization
  • Understand the stages teams go through
  • Avoid team dysfunctions and defuse conflict
  • Use different behavioral styles to strengthen your teams

Pick the Team-Leadership Development approach or combination that works best for you.

Onsite Team Leadership Training

Create and lead a great team.

This onsite program equips leaders to build teams that makes a dynamic difference. It is tailored to your context and brings the following benefits:

  • Discover why teams are important
  • Learn how teams become effective and can change your organization
  • Learn how to become a real team – not just a group of individuals
  • Learn how to handle the four phases of team growth
  • Learn how different behavioral styles impact your team
  • Engage in the right steps for handling team conflict

Team Coaching

Transform the leadership skills of your team, together.

Taking underperforming or dysfunctional to new levels of effectiveness.

  • Coaching for team leader with LDI-certified coach
  • Assessment instruments for each member with one-on-one debrief
  • Tools and Framework to grow as a team
  • Guidance in applying the LDI Leadership Framework™
  • Support in moving from team dysfunction to high performance
  • Tips on how to nurture key external networks and relationships
  • Teaching on how to harness team members’ different behavioral styles to strengthen the team

Online Team Learning

Learn how your leadership can transform your unit and your organization.

  • Gain a clear direction and purpose for your unit or organization
  • Know what kind of leadership your team needs to exercise
  • Establish critical success factors
  • Create natural coaching and development opportunities
  • Build teamwork and collaboration
  • Release your team to use their strengths more effectively
  • Integrate into your organization’s existing learning and performance management systems (compatible with your LMS or PMS)
  • Engage in regular debriefs and coaching for team leader with an LDI-certified facilitator

Offsite Leadership Deep Dive

Take your leaders to new levels of leadership through our Leadership Institute.

The LDI Leadership Institute is a life-changing, highly experiential leadership-development experience that:

  • Deepens self-awareness
  • Teaches leadership and teamwork
  • Builds trust and collaboration
  • Applies the lessons of great leadership to their leadership role