Higher employee engagement companies see

17% greater productivity

Simplify your leadership

Impact your culture

Grow your company

Most companies are struggling to...

Retain Talent,
Re-engage Their Culture,
Realign Misaligned Teams,
Repair Failed Processes
and to Reverse Poor Performance

We can help you

We craft lasting solutions that address all contributing factors to your problems.

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We Equip Leaders

We equip leaders with a unique Leadership Framework to apply the kind of leadership that makes solutions stick. A complete solution, not a piecemeal one.

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Companies with a strong learning culture

Better Prepared To Meet Future Skills Demand
More Likely To Be First To Market
Greater At Delivering Quality
Better At Responding To Customer Needs
More Likely To Lead In Market Share

How It Works

Leader Development, Inc.
Leader Development, Inc.

Why a Leadership Framework?

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How can I remove the confusion in leadership?

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A Turnaround Story

What Our Clients Are Saying

When I first encountered Antony’s framework for leadership development in his book Great Leadership, I immediately recognized it as capturing the concepts and components of virtually all existing models. The ability for the framework to serve both individual and organizational goals is, I believe, a unique quality.
Ms. Susan B. Nolan
Former Director of the Treasury Executive Institute
Antony Bell has distilled all the voices I’ve been reading for the past twenty years - and I’ve read a lot of them - and he’s put them together into a coherent framework so that now I see where they all fit - and which ones I need to pay attention to. He’s not just another voice on leadership - he’s a synthesizing voice on leadership.
Jess MacCallum
President, Professional Printers, Inc.
I have consistently sought out Antony & the LDI Team for my Leadership Development needs across the multiple companies that I have been a part of over the past 20 years. Antony’s framework for leadership is the single most effective framework that I have experienced in my professional career. It makes what can be a complex topic more simple and logical for both Leaders and those that develop Leaders. I have leveraged LDI with much success in large, small, public and private companies across many industries. Put simply: It works.
Todd A. Cunningham SVP
Talent & Human Capital AvidXchange
Antony’s work is stellar - he is a premier thought leader, executive coach, author, consultant, and entrepreneur. He has received the highest of accolades from our executive customers for his pragmatic, cutting-edge methods and knowledge about developing leadership excellence. Among the vast field of self-proclaimed leadership experts, Antony Bell is truly one of the proven, premier leadership experts!
Dr. Gina Myers
US Department of the Treasury