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The best leaders operate out of a deep sense of self-awareness. Without it, great leadership is elusive. Assessment instruments are crucial to developing this self-awareness:

We offer the following:

The Highlands Natural Ability Battery™

Based on actual exercises (not self-scoring), the NAB uncovers our natural abilities and innate aptitudes that shape the way we take in information, how we retain it, how we process it and solve problems, and how we express it. This information is critical in helping leaders see where they disconnect with the people they lead.

The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI)™

Identifies a leader’s preferences in terms of how they draw energy, how they look at the world around them, how they make decisions, and what kind of work environment best suits them (self-scoring). We use the most complete version of the MBTI, which includes the subscales for the four main scales. This assessment not only uncovers your driving preferences and how they impact your key relationships, but also helps you see what environments are most suited to those preferences.

LDI 360 Leadership Feedback Survey

Based on the Total Leadership Framework, the LDI 360 Leader Feedback Survey evaluates leadership on four key dimensions: Organizational Leadership, Operational Leadership, People Leadership, and Character in leadership. The person being rated chooses 12 to 18 raters from among peers, managers, direct reports, and customers (internal or external). These raters provide anonymous feedback which is collated into a full report, along with a practical tool on setting achievable goals based on the 360 results. This assessment helps uncover our blind spots and reveals or confirms areas of strength. It also helps us understand the perceptions we create as leaders—which are often surprising to us.

LDI Culture Map

Using the results of the LDI 360 Leadership Feedback Survey (described above), we create a culture map of your team or organization. This helps leaders understand the overall leadership strengths and weaknesses within the organization—which is critical for culture change, since leaders are the primary shapers of culture.

Other Assessments


Identifies the strengths that make up your leadership style, and just as important, the strengths you need around you to complement your own (self-scoring). This assessment is especially useful in helping teams understand and appreciate how their strengths and weaknesses complement each other, leading to more effective teamwork and collaboration.

Predictive Index™

Assesses the way people interact with and influence those around them, how they deal with rules and structure, and how they take in information—which helps you better lead them.