Antony Bell

After graduating from a business and engineering school in the UK, Antony worked in production management for a British textile company. He then completed his Masters in European Economics and Business Institutions at the University of Strasbourg, France. He worked as a sales manager for a Swiss company, and then started the division in Eastern France for a Dutch brokerage business. In all this, Antony’s interest was in developing leaders, and after he came to the US in the late 80’s, he worked as a subcontractor for a training organization. He worked with hundreds of people in many different organizations, helping them lead and change their organizations. It was during this time he was struck by the confusion around leadership and how many leaders were struggling with the challenge of leading in very complex environments. Antony's pursuit became one of finding a way that would help them the most make sense of the confusion, and that led to the creation of LeaderDevelopment, Inc. (LDI) and the subsequent development of the LDI Leadership Framework.

The 2 Keys To A COO's Knock-Out Success

The Two Keys to a COO’s Knock-Out Success

A Chief Operation Officer’s effectiveness is 100 percent related to their ability to lead. Success means … Solving complex problems, implementing solutions, and driving change — no matter how big the obstacles Building good communication and collaboration across the organization Gaining the support of other leaders like the CEO and CFO, and harnessing their ability …

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