The Two Keys to a COO’s Knock-Out Success

The 2 Keys To A COO's Knock-Out Success

A Chief Operation Officer’s effectiveness is 100 percent related to their ability to lead. Success means … Solving complex problems, implementing solutions, and driving change — no matter how big the obstacles Building good communication and collaboration across the organization Gaining the support of other leaders like the CEO and CFO, and harnessing their ability to drive change within the … Read More

Leadership Development: Reaching New Heights

Great leadership is attainable. It isn’t reserved for a select few, sprinkled with some magic dust. It is within the grasp of each one of us. The resources are there. It just requires effort and commitment. Let me illustrate with an unlikely but useful example: elevators (lifts, for our British readers). Until recently, building a mile-high building has been technologically … Read More

Your People Are Not Your Greatest Asset

How do you get a 33-fold growth rate in less than 20 years? By focusing on your greatest asset. So what is your greatest asset? “Our people,” many organizations claim. Even if they really mean it (many don’t), it still isn’t true. It’s not your people. It’s your leaders. If you take care of the leaders in your organization, you … Read More